0,3785 STERE




Welcome to Germany!
What you are holding in your hands is an Art-Product, it´s a hybrid between a woodcut handmade Book and a foam bath for relaxed hours after a hard and busy day with many Numbers, Words and Signs.


The Book was made out of the Woodcut-Prints of 0,3785 Stere of german Firewood and Prints of an average Apartment. You are watching at the Essence of about 175 transformed Woodbillets to Printing-Blocks. To have the best Enjoyment and Stress-Relaxtion, it´s maybe the best to lay down in a Bathtub, light a Candle and just let it happen to dive into the World of this Book regardless of your native language, make yourself free of it and enjoy the effect of 0,3785 Stere defragmenting your senses… but feel free to find your way of using this Art-Product, and excuse my teutonic-styled English.
Wahlstedt, Germany, Oct. 2015


175 transformed Woodbillets to Printing-Blocks