„Cutting-Boards“ is an international printgraphic Art-Project by using common household cutting boards, bread boards or chopping boards as a printing block to create handprinted pictures for an installation art-work. In an everyday faster world the kitchen is a place to slow down, reflecting our own life and doing things, how they were made for decades of years. Sitting down, peeling an apple or cutting a tomato in slices on a cutting board is sometimes the only kind of being deep in thought in restless high pulsating times. It is quite revealing, that  the most kitchens are in  a state of disarray for days but the center, the cutting-board , has it´s fixed place.



It´s like a calm anchor in our private living space. It´s just laying there, day in day out and it´s getting more and more worn-out.Tableware often change , some mugs are suddenly looking bad and we throw them away to get new ones. Cutting-boards sometimes are a kind of sanctuary given from mother to daughter as a heirloom. Some guys have a strange deep emotional relationship to this special piece of a woodplank and it´s mostly incomprehensible for us to understand it. What is it, when it comes to a cutting board ? Is it a sacrificial altar for daily vegetables, meat or whatever we´re eating? It´s time to look at the cutting board from an artistic point of view and maybe there is a new world to discover behind the surface of a board.



About the Artwork:


The „Odyssey-Times“ is the running Newsletter-Publication which is published since the year 2015 running beside the Carvingworks. It is printed on Paper which I find in my surrounding and which has been donated from all over the World. This Onepage-Newsletter is a daily Publication going out from Germany all over the World.




Food preparation and eating habits are different all over the world but it seems that there is a kind of international consensus when it comes to the topic: „Me and my cutting board“. To work and to carve out this special circumstance,from the beginning this idea is internationally conceived. The idea is to create a huge picture cycle out of carved cutting-boards coming from all over the world, to make them printable.
As a Concept-Artist, I prefer huge dimensions of my workdoing also because the special international unity could be an interesting fact to think about. To arrange an exhibition in an art-room about 150-200 boards are needed, so people and manufacturers or suppliers, of such boards, are welcome to send me their used or new boards to fulfill this vision. Every supporter will be mentioned in the artbook and on the website, which is under construction.

The boards submitted are needed for an installation-work. It might take 1 or 2 years until this work is finished, considering the time needed to cut one single printing block – and also how hard it is to seperate someone from his or her board.